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SEO Tips: Regular Blog or News Posts

SEO Tips: Regular Blog or News Posts article image
In order for your website to improve over time you'll want to incorporate some sort of SEO strategy to increase your organic search presence.

I recommend posting to your blog or news section at least once per month, as doing so will help your SEO in a few meaningful ways.

First, Google doesn't want to serve sites with outdated information, so they want to know your page is updated regularly and the more often, the better in most cases. Setting a minimum of at least one post per month will keep you motivated to stick to that goal, even if it can be challenging to write a long post such as this one.

Second, you need somewhere on your site where you can fit in the keywords you'll want to rank for in an organic way, meaning it has to make sense to the reader or website visitor. A blog or news feed is perfect for adding fresh content to your website regularly. I encourage small business owners to write or purchase short posts about topics related to your industry or location.

Last, your website leads are directly related to the amount of users who visit your site. If nobody is visiting your website then you won't have many leads or contact form submissions, sadly. On the other hand if hundreds of users visit your site each day reading about tips or local news then you're likely to have some inquiries into your services as well.

Level Seven Studio has a monthly blog plan with a new website included for only $99 per month (most businesses). Included are a new website, hosting, backups, security and even one blog post related to your industry added to your website every month, without any input needed from you. We've had some great success with this managed website plan and happy local clients who now have years of blog content on their website for search engines to see and index, and users to browse. If your business website has become stagnant or you want to increase your organic search please let me know, and I'll be glad to discuss how we could work together to improve your website traffic and online presence.

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